Notarial services

A notary is appointed to notarise transactions which require notarisation or when their notarisation is requested by parties to such transactions (notarial transactions).

Notarial transactions:
Drawing up notarial deeds;

  1.   draws up deeds certifying inheritance;
  2. draws up notarial certifications, authentications and confirmations;
  3. serves representations;
  4. draws up notarial documents of confirmation;
  5. prepares protests of draft notes and cheques;
  6. accepts documents, monies and securities in deposit;
  7. prepares certified copies, extracts and excerpts of documents;
  8. on request of parties, draws up draft notarial deeds, declarations, statements and other documents;
  9. performs other transactions and documents on the basis of other provisions of law.

A notary authenticates:

  1. signatures;
  2. copies, extracts or duplicates of documents presented to the notary;
  3. date of presentation/submission of a document;
  4. the fact that a person is alive or present in a location.
  • Originals of all the required documents should be presented. Prior to the arranged meeting at which a notarial service is due to be performed, their scans or copies should be sent either by email, or delivered in person.
  • Our notarial services may be performed outside the Office, if warranted by their nature or specific circumstances

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