List of documents required for the performance of notarial acts:

Contract of sale of a real property:

  • identity cards of persons participating in the act (personal data: name(s), surname, parents’ names, address, PESEL, NIP No., Identity Card).
  • extract from the land and mortgage register
  • document constituting the basis of acquisition (e.g. copy of a notarial deed, court decision)
  • extract from the land registry with an annotation that the document is intended for making an entry in the land and mortgage register
  • extract from the cadastral map – in the event that one of multiple plots constituting a single entry in the land and mortgage register is the subject to disposal
  • in case of inheritance, a certificate issued by the Head of the Revenue Office (also applies when the real property was acquired by donation after 1 January 2007)
  • Information on local development plan, or the non-existence of such plan

Certification of succession:

  • copy of the death certificate of the decedent,
  • last will
  • Certificate confirming the decedent’s PESEL
  • marriage certificate for inheritors who changed their surname due to marriage and birth certificate for all other

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